'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Commendations (see end of extracts for documents)


In the past I have attended quite a few conflict resolution workshops, but none of them seemed to help me with the challenges of learnersí rights and teachersí rights in the classroom. Then late last year I attended an AVP workshop, where I began to realise that giving learners their rights in the classroom did not necessarily mean that teachersí rights had to be ignored, or that asserting teachersí rights did not need to be at the expense of learnersí rights.

CSVR Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
27 October 2004

"The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation has been working with the Phaphama Initiatives /Alternatives to Violence Project for over a year."

"They have contributed with great insight and commitment to the overall project objectives. Their direct interventions have also been professionally and sensitively rendered. They have established good relationships with the prisoner and staff participants. Their interventions have proved to be an important learning opportunity for participants, and they have added greatly to the overall impact of the programme."



"Through AVP, I learned a lot about conflict management, affirmation and derived pleasure in learner and teacher development. This has also enabled me to win an award for excellence in secondary school leadership. I have also observed with keen interest the positive development of learners who have gone through the AVP workshops. Most of them are responsible and matured individuals who are making a positive contribution at school and in their communities"

P B Morake (Promoted to Principal of Suncrest High School)



"We contracted Phaphama Initiatives to enhance the diversity and conflict resolution skills of our middle management through a two-day workshop on the 19th and 20th of August 2004."

"We found the workshop to be professionally managed, well facilitated, and a powerful learning experience. It will be followed up by further training later in the year."



"The language learning experience has had a powerful influence on the
organisation culture in opening communications between members of staff from diverse backgrounds in terms of language, culture and positions in the organisation."

"The methodology of pairing language learners with mother tongue speakers within Hollard was especially effective, and has provided a strong foundation for ongoing language learning and (perhaps more importantly) communication."



ďAVPís two day program for 30 of us was remarkebly helpful. We learned to appreciate one anotherís point of view and feelings. The exercise of role-playing when we had to act out the other personís role was particularly valuable. The program did not solve all our problems immediately but it set us on the road to reconciliation as nothing else had been able to doĒ.


Tom Schram, Amsterdam, business consultant

"As a participant in three workshops in correctional facilities, I have been impressed by the quality of work, the enthusiasm of the facilitation teams and the successful reception of the work by prisoners, warders and other prison staff."

"Over the years, Phaphama has invested heavily in training its facilitators to current levels of competence and scale. It has established professional operating procedures and sound back office and communication structures. My conclusion is that the organisation has achieved exceptional levels of efficiency and accountability. Management is highly motivated and competent and has a clear vision of where this organization is going."


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