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The City of Johannesburg

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Johannesburg is a city beckoning you to experience its vibrant, exciting and enriching opportunities. It is the economic hub of South Africa, and as such exerts a powerful influence on Africa as a whole.

Sadly, however, visitors are rushed through the city en route to other destinations. There is so much to see and do in Johannesburg - do not let this happen to you!

For fifteen years TALK Tourism has been promoting this wonderful city and/or accompanying visitors on all kinds of exposures.

TALK Tourism has also developed two specialist tours of Johannebsurg - read on for more information about these tours in the following pages.

Among some other possibilities that we could advise on or help arrange in Johannesburg are:
* theatre shows, by larger well-known companies or by local theatre groups
* helping out one evening at the inner-city soup-kitchen
* a trip to the Apartheid Museum
* shopping for African arts and crafts
* a tour of Constitution Hill
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Johannesburg, Mandela Bridge
Johannesburg, taxi driver
Johannesburg, Bree Street 2