'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Proven Training Models brought to Phaphama Initiatives

Phahama Initiatives training has developed from the amalgamation of a number of existing training methodologies including the following:

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP):
Started in 1975 as a collaboration between prisoners and Quaker prison visitors in the USA. The programme, which is today widely used in correctional facilities around the world, is now also used in many other contexts. AVP is a world-wide network of (mainly) volunteer trainers doing this work and sharing their experiences with each other

This training product has been developed by Phaphama Initiatives for use with Corporate, Government and Non-Government Organisation clients

Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP):
Started by the American Friends Service Committee as a school/youth peace and life skills programme. It is essentially AVP for younger people

Non-Violent Communication (NVC):
Developed by Marshall Rosenberg and now offered around the world by experienced trainers

Peer Mediation:
Based on the model used by the Tower Hamlets Mediation Service in the UK

Transfer of African Language Knowledge (TALK):
Developed by Phaphama Initiatives from a socio-cultural language- and culture-learning methodology called the Brewster method named after its inventors, a missionary couple from the U.S.A

TALK Tourism:
Developed by Phaphama Initiatives from the work done in TALK and as a result of demand from clients for an authentic tourism experience

Gender Reconciliation:
Developed by the Satyana Institute (www.satyana.org) in the U.S.A., Phaphama Initiatives is the implementing agency for this work in South Africa


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