'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Organisation change - the big picture

Who will benefit by attending:
Organisations and people seeking to create an improved culture that nurtures commitment, creativity and enthusiasm as the way to effectiveness.

Our tailored approach is founded on the magic that happens when human relationships are wise, warm and authentic. The training offers an experience of what it feels like to work in a community that functions in emotionally intelligent ways.

Built on pillars of affirmation, communication, cooperation, community, trust and transformation as the way to create and maintain good long-term relationships, participants learn to dismantle the emotional barriers that prevent them from working together effectively, even when they understand the importance of doing so intellectually.

The experience of creating meaningful relationships with colleagues is a very powerful one that empowers participants to address their interpersonal challenges proactively.

Outcomes will include:
- Participantís being excited by the possibility of a changed organisation that offers a truly empowering environment.
- Learning new ways of interacting that enable stakeholders to participate fully in decision-making in ways that support commitment to the outcomes.
- Learning how to hold inclusive meetings where beyond-consensus decisions gain the active support of all participants.
- Improving participants' understanding of communication, team work, conflict resolution and leadership.
- Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of improved communication in the workplace as the way to enhance relationships based on respect, trust and collaboration.
- Developing participants' skills in effective communication with different people.
- Building positive team-enhancing practices that contribute to interpersonal co-operation and supportive working relationships.
- Exploring the process of change and development in individuals and groups and its effect on relationships.
- Identifying organisationally entrenched practices that may be perceived as supporting negative interpersonal behaviours.

Leadership team:
Carefully balanced teams of 3 or 4 facilitators with appropriate experience.

16 hours on consecutive days.

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Client quotes:

"It boosted my morale; it made me get in touch with my inner self"

"Touches the souL"

"The facilitators showed great respect and integrity not only towards us but also themselves"

"Careful listening, understanding and guidance to assist us to come up with sustainable solutions to our problems"

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Forest Town School POD
Training Corp. & Governm. Environmental Change 1