'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Linking our own needs to the needs of customers

Who will benefit by attending:
Organisations and people who seek to understand how to care for customers by caring for themselves first.

Our tailored approach is founded on the understanding that employees will not treat customers respectfully if they are not treated with care and respect themselves. The workshops take participants through a process of deeply understanding themselves and their needs and linking this to the needs of their customers. Based on 15 years of experience in conflict resolution, language and culture training we offer a life-changing experience of how to change the way we think and work with colleagues and customers.

Outcomes will include:
• Being excited by the possibility of building wonderful customer relationships.
• Gaining practical insights through an experience of transforming ourselves, our workplaces and our relationships
• Developing an understanding of human motivation
• Improving participants’ understanding of communication, team work, and conflict resolution
• Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of improved communication and the words we use, so as to build relationships with our customers based on respect, trust and collaboration
• Developing participants’ skills in effective communication with different people
• Building positive team-enhancing practices which contribute to interpersonal co-operation and supportive working relationships
• Exploring the process of change and development in individuals and groups and its effect on our workplace motivation and communication with customers
• Identifying personally entrenched practices that may be perceived as supporting negative interpersonal behaviours and communication.

Leadership team:
Client needs are addressed by selecting carefully balanced teams of 3 or 4 facilitators
who have appropriate experience that support the changes required.

16 hours over two consecutive days, during the week and/or weekends.

We shall be pleased to provide a quote which will be marketplace competitive.


Client quotes:

“I realised that if we did not care for each other in our homes and workplaces that we would not be able to genuinely care about our customers”

“Seeing how the facilitation team worked together and the way they cared for each other, was an example to us of how we should treat each other and how good that feels”

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