'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Communities: respect, trust and collaborative leadership

With the advent and deepening of democracy since 1994, South Africa can be proud of the great strides it has made in establishing constitutional structures which support justice, peace and freedom, in human rights development, political equality, removing and redressing the injustices of the past, in fostering the role women in public life, and in its macroeconomic growth.

There is, however, a great deal that still needs to be done, particularly in terms of empowering grassroots, previously marginalised communities to break out of the legacy of poverty and inequality in which they are often still trapped. Lobbying for and finding ways to access their rights – be they infrastructural, health, education, land, income-generation, recreational or any other rights – demands that communities are able to work together as a unified whole. The skills of communication, cooperation, conflict resolution and leadership are fundamental for the success of any initiative that focuses on community development. Too often, communities have missed out on development opportunities, or have started projects only to see them fail, because of destructive human relationships and unresolved conflict.

Phaphama Initiatives’ interventions provide the transferable skills which build a platform of respect, trust, collaborative leadership, unity of purpose and the ability to resolve conflicts non-violently, necessary for any further social transformation project to be initiated and sustained.


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