'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Hopeful leadership

Unlike many western societies which are becoming increasingly secular, religious institutions in South Africa, and indeed in Africa as a whole, have immense grassroots support as people seek support and guidance for daily living from their religious home.

As such, religious institutions are growing in an awareness of their need for the human-relationship skills that will enable them to provide constructive, relevant, hopeful leadership to their congregations, and help them to implement their social development programmes more effectively.

These skills include finding ways of dealing creatively and constructively with the challenges of diversity (in all its forms) inherent in a religious community, developing a capacity-building programme that is sustainable and replicable on a large scale, and fostering the growth of social activism in the community that is based on the values of truth, compassion and justice.

Phaphama Initiativesí value-based programmes are part of our long-term partnerships with religious organisations aimed at advancing authentic human development, peace and security in South Africa.

ďAVPís two day program for 30 of us was remarkebly helpful. We learned to appreciate one anotherís point of view and feelings. The exercise of role-playing when we had to act out the other personís role was particularly valuable. The program did not solve all our problems immediately but it set us on the road to reconciliation as nothing else had been able to doĒ.

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