'Phaphama' is a Zulu word that means 'Awaken yourself'
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Correctional services: rehabilitation, reintegration and restoration

One of the legacies of the violence and inequality of apartheid is an entrenched culture of violence which manifests itself in abnormally high and often violent crime rates. Coupled with this is a correctional system, which is trying desperately to transform a punitive correctional culture to one of rehabilitation, reintegration and restoration of detainees. Unfortunately the correctional system is still structured in such a way that it dehumanises inmates and breeds further violence and crime.

The need for rehabilitation interventions among South Africa’s 187 000 detainees (as at June 2005) situated in 240 correctional institutions (often at anything between 50 and 400% overcrowding) is immense. Furthermore, correctional staff who often work under onerous conditions are, as a result, also in need of support and human development training.

Phaphama Initiatives provides a programme aimed at transforming the destructive culture of correctional facilities. The workshops can, if required, work with inmates and staff in a single workshop, or can be structured to cater separately for inmates and staff, depending on the needs of each particular institution. Phaphama Initiatives’ training is designed to train inmates and staff in the facilitation skills necessary for them to continue conducting the programme for fellow inmates and members of staff, and to continue working with Phaphama once they are released.


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